Episode 182: Marketing Localization - Or How to Help Customers Reach an International Audience
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Episode 182: Marketing Localization – Or How to Help Customers Reach an International Audience – Interview with Claudia Befu

marketing localization

In this episode we talk about marketing localization, or how to help our customers an international audience. Marketing localization is a crucial service for any business that wants to reach a global audience. We freelance translators can play an important part in getting the message and the marketing right. Claudia Befu explains the differences between localization and how we can help our customers reach a global audience, plus how to use this as a selling point.

Important things mentioned in this episode:

  • How we can help our customers reach an international audience
  • Whose job it is to create the right localization strategy
  • Three different localization techniques
  • What transmedia storytelling is
  • Many examples of successful and unsuccessful market localizations

Useful links mentioned in this episode:

The answer to our question – how we can help customers reach an international audience – is to write the marketing message the way the customers’ audience wants to hear it. The marketing localization process is more complex and lengthy than a regular translation project but bilingual and bicultural linguists can really make a difference here. Brands must connect with consumers on their playing fields. And that means understanding people’s languages, cultures, and traditions.


Claudia Befu is a localization expert with 10+ years in the digital world. After spending a whole decade as an in-house translator, editor, localization manager and even leading an awesome localization team, she now focuses on Content as a Service and multi-channel publishing. Mentoring, educating and consulting are part of her daily life and passion.


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