Marketing tips when getting started as a translator
Episode 002 – CV’s for translators – interview with Marta Stelmaszak
January 30, 2014
Episode 004 – Using LinkedIn to market translation services – Interview with Anne Diamantidis
January 30, 2014

Episode 003 – Marketing tips when getting started as a translator – Interview with Corinne McKay

In this episode I interview a dear colleague of mine, a fellow freelance translator, an author and a trainer. Corinne McKay published a book called “How to succeed as a freelance translator” a few years after I started freelancing and her tips have helped me create a successful freelance career. The interview focuses on marketing tips for getting started as a freelance translator, but Corinne’s tips are valuable also for experienced translators.

In this episode we cover the following:

  • Introducing the book “Getting started as a freelance translator” and why Corinne wrote it
  • The course “Getting started as a freelance translator”
  • Five most important tips for new translators when marketing their translation services
  • The most common mistakes new freelance translators make
  • Corinne’s marketing tip that works well for her right now

Links to items mentioned in this episode:

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Corinne McKay

Corinne McKay

Corinne McKay is an ATA director and an ATA-certified French>English translator. She translates in the areas of international development, corporate communications, and law, and is the author of two books for freelance translators-How to Succeed as a Freelance Translator and Thoughts on Translation.



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  1. Hi Tess and Corinne,
    I’ve listened to all the podcasts so far and loved each one of them, but there’s a tip in this one which is going to be particularly helpful for me. Corinne suggested: if you have a big project to complete, make sure you do one thing, however small, towards it every day. A simple idea, but such a great one!
    Many thanks for putting these great podcasts together (with any luck, in addition to helping me market my services, they might get me out running again!).
    Caroline, France

    • Tess says:

      Thank you Caroline! Yes that is great advice from Corinne. I think it is the only way to get big projects done these days, at least for busy freelancers.

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