Smooth Out The Feast And Famine Cycle For Freelance Translators
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February 9, 2015
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February 21, 2015

Episode 42: How to smooth out the feast and famine cycle for freelance translators

Feast and Famine

Feast and Famine

If you have been working for more than 6 months as a freelance translator, you have probably experienced the infamous feast and famine cycle. I sure have! Some weeks the inbox has been overflowing with jobs, other weeks I have seriously been wondering if this career will work for me. Did I do something wrong? Do the clients not like my work? And then a few weeks later I am burning the late night oil again. Today I am interviewing a dear colleague who has been speaking on this topic before, to get some tips on how we can optimize our work flow in order to make the feast and famine cycle as smooth as possible. I am happy to welcome back Catherine Christaki, and apart from sharing valuable business tips, she is also revealing why she now is living on the 48th floor in a much colder country than Greece.

In this episode we discuss the following:

  • How we can avoid the huge swings in the feast and famine cycle
  • What we can do during the famine times
  • What we can do during feast time
  • Time management, money management
  • Outsourcing during feast times, good or bad?

Useful links mentioned in this episode:

Catherine’s and Christos’ website: LinguaGreca

Do you have any other tips on how to deal with the feast and famine cycle? How do you do? Please share in the comments below. Any questions? Have a wonderful week and see you in the next episode.


Catherine Christaki

Catherine Christaki has been a full-time English-Greek translator since 2001 and co-owner of Toronto-based Lingua Greca Translations since 2012. Her specializations include IT, Medical and Technical texts. She is a proud member of the American Translators Association, the Chartered Institute of Linguists, and GALA. In 2013, she translated the popular guide for translation buyers, Translation: Getting It Right, into Greek. She is active on social media, especially Twitter @LinguaGreca, which has been voted among the Top 25 Language Twitterers 4 years in a row (2011-2014) in the Language Lovers competition. She writes a translation blog called Adventures in Technical Translation and regularly talks about social media and blogging for translators in interviews and conferences.


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