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The Marketing Cookbook for Translators


The Marketing Cookbook for Translators, is an easy to follow guide for freelance translators looking to grow their business. The book outlines all the marketing and client retention strategies to make that dream a reality, based on over a decade of experience. Using a simple step-by-step system, this book is as easy as following a recipe in a cookbook.

Why did I write this book?

I believe that every freelancer has the potential to exceed their own expectations.

Whatever their own personal measure of success looks like, I feel there’s a marketing approach to suit it.

That’s because after deciding to become a freelance translator, I have never looked back.

I have worked as a freelance English-Swedish translator since 2003. After moving from Sweden to the US in 2001, I embarked on my career as a translator to get my own personal holy grail of availability for my family, job satisfaction and success.

In the 17 intervening years, I’ve learnt a lot. There’s no doubt that my professional qualifications and experience in marketing helped me along the way.

This book, The Marketing Cookbook for Translators, is a culmination of these efforts. It contains over a decade’s worth of experience learned firsthand as I constructed my own thriving business in the growing translation industry. My hope is that you are able to benefit from this knowledge and apply these simple marketing recipes to your own life and business. I wish you every success and I look forward to you taking this journey with me.

By writing the Marketing Cookbook for Translators, I wanted to create an easy to follow guide for freelance translators looking to grow their business, outlining all the marketing and client retention strategies to make that dream a reality. I wanted it to be as easy as following a recipe in a cookbook and this is it.

What Others Say

“Tess Whitty’s “cookbook” approach helps defeat analysis paralysis by breaking the seemingly insurmountable task of finding clients into steps that take as long as you have. If you have fifteen minutes, pick one marketing appetizer to get the ball rolling; if you can block out more time, pick a main dish and really dive in.” -Corinne McKay, author of How to Succeed as a Freelance Translator and Thoughts on Translation

“In her book, Tess Whitty presents all the ingredients you need to market your translation business successfully. Whether you’re aiming at creating a refined Michelin-starred business, a bustling local brasserie or an internationally renowned group, this marketing cookbook will get you on the right track. I can certainly recommend this book to translators at any stages in their careers.”. Marta Stelmaszak, author of The Business Guide for Translators

““Just like the title suggests, “The Marketing Cookbook for Translators” lays out the fundamentals of running a freelance translation business. No assumption, no fluff, just all the facts. As a seasoned freelancer herself, Tess knows the translation business inside out, and her expertise shows throughout the book.” – Joy Mo, author of Say Goodbye to Feast or Famine 

“I appreciated the fact that the book manages to maintain a positive, empowering outlook while forcing readers to become more organized and to face the management/advertising-related challenges that freelancing entails. Thank you, Tess!” - Alice Casarini

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Results to Expect

After reading this book you will have:

  • Tried and tested tools to market your translation services in an efficient way
  • Several methods and systems to perform the marketing to your ideal clients
  • Successful strategies to maintain a continuous marketing plan to find new clients and keep your existing clients
  • How to get the word out about your translation services so clients can find you instead of you trying to find them

P.S – Even if you are well on your way to six figures this year, this book will still transform your outlook and give you the tools to make more of an impact with your business.

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