Quick Start Guide: Finding and Using Your Unique Selling Point

Quick Start Guide USP:

Finding and Using Your Unique Selling Point When Marketing to Translation Buyers - Seven-Step Process


Are you a freelancer struggling to land new clients?

What if I told you one thing you could do today to grow your business?

The answer is simple. Your best strategy is to determine and define your Unique Selling Proposition (USP).

The real reason freelancers like you need a USP is simple: competition. Without a unique selling point, you’ll continue to get out-competed by a cheaper translator or writer.

A well-crafted USP also serves as a foundation for your company’s marketing efforts. It helps clarify your business goals, attract potential clients, and narrow the field of competition.

Many of my students have struggled with defining their own Unique Selling Proposition. This is why I have compiled all of my best tips and steps into an easy to follow e-book. If you follow the steps outlined in this eBook, you’ll walk away with a greater sense of confidence, a solid foundation for your marketing, and an effective USP for your freelance translation business.

I’ll teach you the definitions, tactics, arguments, and criteria vital to creating a suitable differentiator. Near the end of the book, you’ll see step-by-step process that’s guaranteed to coax out your perfect USP.

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