Direct Client Marketing, Specializing, Educating Clients and Much More...
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April 23, 2018
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May 7, 2018

Direct Client Marketing, Specializing, Educating Clients and Much More…

direct client marketing

There are so many topics in marketing to read about, share and discuss. I wanted to share some of my favorite blog posts or podcast episodes, that deal with hot topics for freelance translators.

Podcast Episodes

If you’re not listening to Speaking of Translation, with Corinne McKay and Eve Bodeux, you are missing out on some good content. I especially like their episode “The Basics of Direct Client Marketing”. It has some sound advice on direct client marketing. I particularly like their down-to-earth attitude. For example, “you don’t need 10 new direct clients, you only need enough work to pay your bills and reach your target income”. Listen to it here:

Related to direct client marketing is Ed Gandia’s episode on how to start prospecting for clients. He gives us 5 tips to start prospecting from scratch, starting with your own network, then moving on to writing warm emails, and sneaky ways to follow up. Listen to it here:

Blog Posts

The Freelancery has many great blog posts that are relevant for freelance translators. I particularly want to point out this one about specializing. It gives you great tips on where to start when picking a specialization. Read it here:

Diana Marinova is a freelance coach and marketing consultant. She has a treasure trove of blog posts with marketing tips for freelancers. Here are some of my recommendations:

How to educate your clients that they get what they pay for:

Another post relates to my recent inbound marketing webinar and workshop. Some of my students have asked about what to do on LinkedIn to attract clients. This article is about how to craft LinkedIn updates that attract clients. Read it here:

When it comes to attracting direct clients, she also has a great article on what to focus on when first approaching a new client. Hint, it is not to get hired. Read all about it here:

I hope you enjoyed these tips. Is there anything in particular you would like me to bring up next time, either in a blog post or podcast episode? Please share by emailing me or by commenting below.

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